We wrapped up 30 Days of Akuru 2020

Creating your own font is a secret wish of graphic designers. Yet, for many, it may seem as a tedious task to go after. That is why  we brought #30daysofAkuru for a second time, to encourage everyone to explore their love for fonts and typography alongside a supportive community. It is the best opportunity for anybody to experience the fun side of font designing.

#30DaysofAkuru second edition was successfully rolled out in March, 2020 with the participation of many talented type enthusiasts, graphic designers and illustrators. Unlike in first edition,  #30daysofakuru 2020 calendar included both Sinhala and Tamil letters. Characters like “ශ්‍රී” (Sri) and “෴” (Kundaliya – Sinhala full-stop) had caught much of the attention of our participants. We also had the letters of “කො” and “கொ” (‘Ko’) to encourage awareness on Covid 19 prevention through #30daysofakuru. And at the end of it all our participants had created over 734 interpretations of thirty one Sinhala and Tamil letters. 

#30DaysofAkuru is hosted by Akuru Collective and organised by the Letters.Lanka team. Our aim is to inspire interests in letterforms and highlight regional visual design talent. Through your ideas, we believe it to be possible to create varieties of sinhala font designs and bring awareness about the importance of typographic variations.

Akuru Collective and Letters.Lanka team would like to thank everybody who came along with us on this month-long journey of exploring new dimensions of Sinhala and Tamil letter forms. 

Your creations expanded the creative boundaries of Sinhala and Tamil scripts and were very inspiring to say the least. We are looking forward for #30DaysofAkuru 3rd Edition in 2021, to witness once more, wonderful talents and to let new members become part of our community.