30 Days of Akuru kicks off

30 Days of Akuru kicks off today!

#30daysofAkuru first edition, is an open call to visual designers, illustrators, type designers, typographers and anyone who’s interested in explore the endless possibilities and new dimensions of Sinhala letterforms, Sinhala script. We challenge you to create your own new and exciting interpretation of a selected Sinhala letter, one letter per day for the Month of June. The project aim is to create an awareness and importance of Sinhala typography and it’s endless typography and graphic possibilities.

More on how to participate https://letterslanka.wixsite.com/30daysakuru

#30daysofAkuru is a project hosted by Akuru Collective and organised by theLetters.Lanka team. our aims are to  inspire interests in letterforms and highlight regional graphic designers, graphic and visual design artists and illustrators to create talent in varieties of sinhala font design and bring awareness about the importance of expanding typography.

The project is initiated by Chamodi Waidyathilaka and Vihanga Samaradiwakara and Leyanvi Mirando and Samadara Ginige is also in the project committee.