26 Days of Thaana

In September of 2020, Akuru Collective joined hands with our beloved type community from Maldives in exploring 26 Days of Thaana.

‘26 Days of Thaana’, inspired by the original ‘36 Days of Type’, is an open-call project that invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to express their particular interpretation of the letters and numbers of Thaana Script. Thaana is the writing system of the Dhivehi language used in the Maldives. Like Arabic, it is written right to left. But similar to Sinhala and Tamil scripts, Thaana includes vowels with diacritic marks which they called ‘filli’. Therefore participating and graphically experimenting with this new script was indeed a fun and novel experience for the Akuru community from Sri Lanka. 

Prior to 2020, it had started off as 36 Days of Thaana, where the project calendar had both Thaana letters and latin numbers. But this year, the organizing committee had decided to focus on the 25 letters of the thaana alphabet plus 1 bonus day. 26 Days of Thaana went on from September 1st to September 26th 2020, with the participation of more global designers and illustrators than the previous years. 

Akuru Collective feels that this International Collaboration brought out the true spirit of the global type community, especially at a time of a global pandemic. We are looking forward to collaborating with Maldivian type enthusiasts on similar projects in the future and warmly invite all you all to join our next ‘30 Days of Akuru’.