Akuru's Commemoration of Literary Month

Reading stands as one of the most vital and irreplaceable skills in the human experience. It not only enhances our knowledge but also fuels our creativity. It is with this appreciation for the written word that the month of September is honored as Literary Month. This is the time when book fairs and literary festivals blossom in and around Colombo. Recognizing the integral role of letters in supporting reading, literature, and language, Akuru, meaning 'letters,' naturally joined the festivities with its own array of events.

Under the banner of 'Akuru Celebrating Literary Month,' a successful series of both online and offline events unfolded, each dedicated to the celebration of language, literature, and letters. Every weekend in September featured a unique and engaging affair:

  • September 5th – Movie Night (The Linguist): Participants gathered at the W.A. Silva Museum for a free online screening of 'The Linguist,' an award-winning documentary following linguists on a global quest to document dying languages. The movie sparked personal reflections on native languages and the contemporary challenges faced by languages and letters.

  • September 12th – 'Learnings from Type History' Online Discussion: The second weekend brought together three international type researchers. Dr. Pedro Amado shared insights into the revival of the Portuguese letterpress, Prof. Udaya Kumar delved into Tamil letterpress studies, and Dr. De Baerdemaeker contributed with research on early Tibetan or Javanese type. Dr. Sumantri Samarawickrama, Akuru Co-founder, skillfully moderated this enlightening international panel.

  • September 19th – 'Maname' Font Launch & Font Discussion: This event provided a unique glimpse into the art of font creation with Pathum Egodawatta. 'Maname,' developed as part of Pathum's Masters, aimed to impart a novel texture to Sinhala body text. The session revealed the fascinating journey from concept to a beautifully crafted font, leaving the Akuru Collective eager to explore its potential in future designs and publications.

  • September 26th – Akuru Collective Annual Get-Together: The month-long celebration culminated in the Akuru Annual Get-Together during the last week of September 2020. Members, volunteers, W.A. Silva Foundation members, friends, and well-wishers gathered for an evening of good music and lively conversations. Pathum Egodawatta, co-founder, expressed gratitude for the unwavering support received, acknowledging the valuable efforts of the steering committee members with a small token of appreciation. With that, 'Akuru Celebrating Literary Month' drew to a close, leaving everyone excited for what lies ahead.