An Update on Akuru Membership Survey

Akuru Collective has been an exceptional example of the inspiring work of volunteerism so far. During the past two and a half years, we have continued to create and collaborate for the love of letters. This indeed means we are now, more than just the ‘collective’ of people who, once in a while gathered around for some tea and type. Akuru Collective has expanded our positive impact in all corners of language, literacy, and letters of Sri Lanka.

Along this journey, our members have been with us through thick strokes and thin strokes. A few months ago we proposed an Akuru Collective Membership as official recognition for our members’ passion, dedication, and valuable contribution towards the research and development of typography in Sri Lanka.

In order to shape the best membership for our community, we sent out a survey. After an overwhelming number of responses and support, we have now concluded the survey and are starting on evaluating the results.

As a collective that believes in inclusion, transparency, and honesty in our decision-making process, we would like to share the survey results here with you.

Help us create the best membership for the community by adding your valuable comment to the discussion. For suggestions and concerns please contact us at