From The Dutch To The Digital Age: The Story Of A Font

While Sri Lanka has a centuries-long recorded history, until the printing press was introduced to the country by the Dutch in 1750, it was one written on ola palm leaf manuscripts. This was a system that involved inscribing letters on a small manuscript made from specially treated ola leaves with a metal stylus. The nature of the medium influenced the way that Sinhala letters were formed in this age. For example, there were no spaces between words and letters were very much rounded.

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First ever Akurucon pushes boundaries in Lankan typographic thinking

A progressive discussion on local typographic culture, its evolution and impressions on Sri Lankan society held in Colombo: Focus on the significance of the Dutch era press for Sinhala and Tamil letterform evolution: Conceptualised by Akuru Collective and Mooniak and supported by Netherlands’ Embassy and AOD Colombo

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අකුරූප; අලුත් සිංහල යෙදුමක්!

අකුරු මෝස්තර, අකුරු හැඩතල ගැන කතා ලංකාවේ එතරම් සුලභ නැත. ඒ ගැන නිතර කතාකරන අපට ඒ හා බැඳුණු අදහස් නිරවුල්ව ප්‍රකාශ කරන්නට නිසි සිංහල යෙදුම් නොමැතිවීමද ගැටළුවකි. එපමණක් නොවේ, විෂය ගැන දැනුම නිර්මාණය සහ බෙදාහදා ගැනීම වචන මඳකම නිසා සීමාවන් වලට යටත් වෙයි. එහෙයින් අපේ කටට, අපේ රසට ගැලපෙන සේ නිවැරදි තාක්ෂණික වදන් නිපයා ගැනීම වහ වහාම කළයුතු කටයුත්තකි.

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Colombo Type #004: A Day Typography Workshops

Fourth edition of Colombo Type was held on Sunday the 1st of July 2018 at 2.30pm onwards in Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka, Colombo (1st Floor – Mahaweli Center). 

The event included two of the much awaited workshops by Dr. Sumanthri Samarawickrama, senior lecturer at the Department of Integrated Design, University of Moratuwa, and Mahinda Bandara, lecturer at the Department of Visual Communication Design, Faculty of Visual Arts, University of Visual and Performing Arts.

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ColomboType 002 – Type, technology and design


  • ‘Typography as the idea in advertising’ .
    Russell Miranda, Art Based Creative Director (Executive) at Dentsu Grant Group
  • ‘Latest developments in Sinhala fonts and typography; beyond the Unicode problem’
    Pathum Egodawatta, Type designer, typographer and researcher
  • ‘From images to text; Sinhala optical character recognition’
    Chamila Liyanage, Senior Research Assistant at UCSC

Letters.Lanka: Promoting lettering artists in Sri Lanka

Akuru Collective is for any designer, Illustrator, typographer, type designers (and anyone) who are interested in exploring new dimensions of letters. We always encourage new ideas and community participation.

Letters.Lanka is an affiliate project by Chomodi Waidyathilaka, a founding member of Akuru Collective, where we encourage everyone to share new ideas and showcase their skills in lettering, calligraphy, illustration and letter an open platform.

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For the love of letters! ColomboType #001 on April 07, 2018

You don’t know what you missed on a rainy Saturday evening in Colombo, when a room full of type aficionados of all shapes and sizes gathered, united by their love for one thing… Type.

The first ever colomboType meeting hosted by Mooniak, was held at the Royal College Union Skills Centre on the 07th of April from 5pm to 8pm. Three whole hours of type related research and type experimentation was discussed by a dedicated lineup, which included type enthusiasts in the likes of Thrarique Azeez, Kosala Senevirathne, Pushpananda Ekanayake, and Dr. Sumanthri Samarawickrama.

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