Promoting Awareness on Typography for Children’s Literature

Does typography influence the reading experience of children? 

Do children need special typefaces? 

What are the most appropriate sinhala typefaces for children?

These are some of the questions that are commonly overlooked in designing Children’s books in Sri Lanka. Yet, this, as well as many of the other shortcomings have fortunately been identified as needing special attention in the literary arts of Sri Lanka by IBBY.

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Sinhala Typography Creation

Thousand years of heritage of the Sinhala alphabet, was only made closer to the people with the introduction of Sinhala printing 280 years ago. It is worthwhile to celebrate the evolution of the Sinhala alphabet through new age and new media based on the new background created with printing.

The ‘Sinhala Typography Creation’ competition was an invaluable opportunity for young creatives to invest their talents in the Sinhala alphabet. It also encouraged participants’ to explore their passion for design in the safe space of a competition and ensure victory.

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