Akuru is a collective of people collaborating on various projects that serves the Akuru Manifesto.

Akuru Collective activities are led by members. A rotating steering committee coordinates various projects and represent the group to outside entities when needed. Our ongoing activities are orgnised into interest groups and indepent project teams and aims to maintain as less hierarchy as possible.

We are working on a paid formal membership program with Akuru Foundry, the legal entity supporting Akuru Collectives Activities.

A brief history

There has been multiple grassroots organisations and communities which contributed to development of languages and typography in Sri Lanka in the recent history. Akuru Collective is aggregating some of these work and is building on them.

Akuru Collective initially launched during the Typoday 2017 in Sri Lanka and hosted two projects, a FLOSS Design Competition and a workshop for Design Educators. After a period of inactivity the collective came to it’s current form in April 2018 with the penning of the Akuru Manifesto and the first