Guidelines and descriptions

#30daysofAkuru is an open call to brave souls to celebrate endless possibilities and new dimensions of Sinhala and Tamil letterforms. Weather you are a visual designer, illustrator, type designer, typographer, writer or simply someone who love letterforms, we challenge you to create your own new and exciting interpretation of Sinhala and Tamil letters, one letter per day for the month of March 2020. Doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from or how skilled you are! This is a celebration of the love of the letters and letters we love, not a competition with winners or losers. 

This March, join our global community of letter lovers in this month-long exercise expanding boundaries of the Sinhala and Tamil typography. 

Please read carefully. We have updated our guidelines and system.

30DoA 2019 was a huge success with so many contributors and submissions. We had an overwhelming number of participants and with a small but passionate team we managed to post more than a thousand submissions.  With the experience from last year we have added a few more things to clarify how we operate 30DoA and to make it fun and enjoyable for everyone 

About us

#30daysofAkuru is hosted by Akuru Collective and organised by the 

Letters.Lanka volunteer team. 30DoA aims to stir the global interest in Sinhala and Tamil typography and highlight their endless typographic and graphical possibilities of the two scripts. We promote and bring together the type-savy communities, designers and contributors in Sri Lanka and across the world together with common interest– letterforms of Sri Lanka. 

#30daysofAkuru second edition takes place from 

1st of MARCH to 30th of MARCH 2020. 

In order to take part, the participants need to check the selected Sinhala or Tamil letters given for each day in our #30daysofAkuru calendar.

Submission requirements

The Image format is jpg/png square format 1080px X 1080px.

When sending Video or motion design entries Please send them as a Gif or short video clip

Please remember that we will only be accepting the Square size format submission posts. If you send your submissions other than as a Square, such as portrait or landscape size– We will either crop your artwork that might cut half of your artwork (which we really don’t want to do), or we will not accept it as a valid submission.

Please send your submissions only on it’s corresponding day. As an example: On day 6 the assigned letter is ந. Therefore we kindly ask you NOT to send all your letter submission at once or NOT to send upcoming submission dates’ letters. It will be really hard for our selection team to deal with.

We challenge you to create your own new and exciting interpretation of the given Sinhala or Tamil letter. Please DO NOT use an existing font. Submissions that use existing fonts are disqualified from entering our library of submissions.

How to participate?

You can simply design the corresponding letter of day and you are part of the global community! If you would like us to feature and add your creation to our collection you can submit it to us through any of the following channels.

  • Through Instagram
  • Through Facebook
  • Through email

Please note only to submit your content through one of the platforms and not all these methods.

How to submit through instagram?

Please upload your submissions to your Instagram profile and please make sure it’s uploaded on its corresponding day. Make sure to tag us @30daysakuru on your art work directly and always add the project hashtags #30daysofAkuru in your post caption; as this the only way for us to identify your artwork and allow others to see it. 

We will be only reposting the submissions that either tagged us on image or posted with #30daysofAkuru hashtag!

If you are planning to submit your submissions through instagram messages please send us your name, the submission title and caption (if have any) and please add the #30daysofakuru hashtag as well. 

example: Pathum Egodawatte (name) ‘day 6- ந: harmony’ (title and caption) #30daysofakuru

Don’t have an Instagram? 

No worries you can still participate. All you have to do is send us your submissions through our page, along with your name, the submission title and caption (if have any) and please add the #30daysofakuru hashtag as well. 

example: Madhwa Ruwan (name) ‘day 6- ந: harmony’ (title and caption) #30daysofakuru

We strongly encourage you to participate by designing all 30 Sinhala and Tamil letter characters, but you can also participate for a few days by designing selected letter characters or a one letter character. It’s all up to you to decide what to do, but make sure to check the #30daysofAkuru calendar. 

How do we select submissions to post? 

From all the submitted entries, we curate and post a selection of artworks on our social media profiles ( Instagram- @30daysakuru, Facebook @akurucollective and Twitter  @akurucollective) related to the project on a daily basis. Selection is done by a group of members of Akuru Collective who are designers, typographers and fellow letter lovers. There is no concrete criterium or a limit on the number of curated posts. We are looking for original, exciting and interesting entries that push the boundaries and we try to feature as much as work we possibly can. Remember, as mentioned before #30DoA is not a competition and it is meant to be a celebration and your participation is the most important factor. This daily selection is NOT a competition of any sort and please do not get discouraged if your work was on posted on a given day. 

Daily submissions– We do selections twice a day. Afternoon/ evening and definitely just before midnight (+05.30 IST). We are not able to repost your submission right away. But DO NOT worry. If you have submitted according to our given guidelines your submission will not missed out.  

What if your submissions are not featured?  

Did not see your post featured on our social media? Don’t worry! Keep your head high and be proud of your work! At the end of the event we will gather and curate the bigger collection of the artworks on our website and on the @Letters.Lanka instagram page. We will include submissions that we missed out or could not post on our social media profiles because of the time constraints. 

What to do If you miss a deadline?  

Please re-send your submissions for @Letters.Lanka using the same guidelines given as above in case you miss the deadlines. Also you can email the artworks to us on a later date.

Special note about how we organise this 

We know you are excited and looking forward to seeing your work acknowledged. #30daysofAkuru is a project by Akuru Collective, a volunteer group. We are a small team of no more than 7 members; We are all type geeks. Our team members have full time jobs and are based around the world. The team takes time out from their daily schedules for a month to work on this and they might be doing selections and reposting from your submissions during their lunch hour or maybe while going back home after a tough day at work. So  therefore we kindly remind you again to be patient regarding the repostings. Also between the selection, curation and posting we might not be able to respond to all the messages we receive right away. So please be patient 🙂 

Special letters

#30daysofakuru Bonus Akuru Challenge . . We are introducing two more letters to the 30 Days of Akuru challenge! We are going multi-script on the 30th March 2020. Design Sinhala letter Sri (ශ්‍රී) or Tamil letter Sri (ஸ்ரீ) for as the last challenge of 30 Days of Akuru. Submit one letter or design both letters and submit as two entries or, better yet, include both of them in the same artwork!

සිංහල සහ දෙමළ අක්ෂරය හා හෝඩිය පිළිබඳව කෙරෙන ගවේෂණාත්මක සහ නිර්මාණාත්මක ව්‍යාපෘතියක් ලෙස ‘දින 30ක්  අකුරු’ දෙවැන්න ආරම්භ කරන ලදී. ලාංකික හා ලාංකික නොවන සියලුම ග්‍රැෆික් නිර්මාණ කරුවන්, අක්ෂර නිර්මාණකරුවන් සහ අකුරු පිළිබඳව ඇල්මක් දක්වන ඕනෑම කෙනෙකු සඳහා කෙරෙන විවෘත ආරාධනයක් ලෙස මෙම ව්‍යාපෘතිය මෙවසර 2020 මාර්තු මස 01 වන දින සිට මාර්තු 30 වන දින දක්වා විවෘතව පවතී.

මෙම ව්‍යාපෘතියෙහි අරමුණ නම් සිංහල හෝ දෙමළ අක්ෂරයේ වැදගත්කම නිර්මාණශීලීත්වය හා සිංහල සහ දෙමළ අක්ෂර පිළිබඳව ලෝකය හමුවේ දැනුවත් කිරීමයි. 

අප විසින් ඔබට දෙනු ලබන අභියෝගය නම් ඔබට කැමති පරිදි ඕනෑම මාධ්‍යක් භාවිතා කොට ඉතාමත් නිර්මාණශීලී ලෙස තෝරාගත් සිංහල හෝ දෙමළ  අක්ෂරයන්, අක්ෂර බැගින් නිර්මාණය කිරීමයි. පවතින අකුරු font භාවිතා නොකරන්න අපි කාරුණිකව ඉල්ලා සිටිමු

සහභාගී වන ආකාරය

මෙම ව්‍යාපෘතිය සඳහා සහභාගිවීමට හිතැති ඕනෑම අයකුට 30 දිනට අදාල අදාල සියලුම අකුරු නිර්මාණය කිරීම හෝ තෝරාගත් අකුරු පමණක් නිර්මාණය කිරීම හෝ එක් අකුරක් පමණක් නිර්මාණය කිරීම කරමින් සහභාගි වීම සිදු කල හැක. 

මේ සඳහා ඔබ පළමු වශයෙන් අපගේ වෙබ් අඩවියේ ඇති ‘30 දින කැලැන්ඩරය’ පරික්ෂා කොට අදාල දිනයට හෝ දින සඳහා නියමිත සිංහල හෝ දෙමළ අක්ෂරය ඔබ කැමති පරිදි ඕනෑම මාධ්‍යක් භාවිතා කොට නිර්මාණය කරන්න. ඉන්පසුව එය JPG හෝ PNG චතුරස්‍රාකාර ප්‍රමාණයට 1080px x 1080px සකසන්න. 

ඔබේ ඉදිරිපත් කිරීම් ලබා දී ඇති චතුරස්‍රාකාර ප්‍රමාණයට පමණක් එවන්න.

Instagram ගිණුමක් හරහා ඔබේ නිර්මාණය පළ කරන විට අනිවාර්යයෙන්ම ඔබගේ පෝස්ටුව මත අපගේ @30daysakuru ගිනුම tag කිරීමටද, තවද hashtag වන #30daysofAkuru hashtagය ඇතුළත් කිරීම අනිවාර්යවේ.

ඔබට Instagram ගිණුමක් නැතිනම් අපගේ ෆේස්බුක් facebook පිටුවට ඔබගේ නම හා නිර්මාණය සඳහා අදාල විස්තරයක් ඇත්නම් එයද ඇතුළත් කොට inbox කරන්න.

මෙසේ Instagram message හෝ Facebook messenger ගිණුමක් හරහා ඔබේ නිර්මාණයන්  එවන විට ඔබගේ නම, මාතෘකාව සහ ඉදිරිපත් කිරීම පිළිබඳ විස්තරය සමඟ #30daysofakuru hashtagය ඇතුළත් කිරීම අනිවාර්ය බව අමතක නොකරන්න. මෙය අපට ඔබගේ නිර්මාණය සොයා සොයා ගැනීමට පහසුවන්නටය.

මෙසේ දිනපතා ලැබෙන නිර්මාණ අතුරින් අපගේ ව්‍යාපෘතියේ අධීක්ෂණ මඩුල්ල වන අක්ෂර නිර්මාණකරුවන් 

හා ග්‍රැෆික් නිර්මාණ කරුවන් කිහිප දෙනෙකු විසින් තෝරාගන්නා නිර්මාණ Instagram සහ ව්‍යාපෘතියට අදාළ facebook ෆේස්බුක් හා ට්විටර් ගිණුමෙහි පළ කරන බැවින් අපට ඔබගේ නිර්මාණය සොයා සොයා ගැනීමට පහසුවන පරිදි නිවැරදි hashtag හා image tagging යොදන්න.

අපි ගැන

‘දින 30ක අකුරු’ ව්‍යාපෘතිය සංවිධානය කරනු ලබන්නේ අකුරු සාමූහිකය සහ letters.lanka සමූහය විසිනි. අපගේ අරමුණ වනුයේ සිංහල සහ දෙමළ අක්ෂර පිළිබඳව විවිධත්වය, නිර්මාණශීලිත්වය සහ වැදගත්කම පිළිබඳව ලාංකික හා ලාංකික නොවන චිත්‍ර ශිල්පීන්, ග්‍රැපික් නිර්මාණකරුවන්, අක්ෂර නිර්මාණකරුවන් හා සිංහල සහ දෙමළ අක්ෂර පිළිබඳව උනන්දු ඕනෑම අයකු දැනුවත් කිරීමටත් ඔවුන්ට සිංහල සහ දෙමළ අක්ෂර නිර්මාණයට පෙළඹවීමටත්ය.